Answers to common questions regarding chiropractic care:

Who can be adjusted?

Just about anyone can be adjusted. Newborns, infants, children, seniors, and even failed back surgery patients can benefit. Dr. Fluger will tailor your chiropractic care to your size, age, and unique health problem.

What conditions benefit from chiropractic care?

Although chiropractic is used most frequently to relieve low back pain, studies have found it to be effective for a variety of conditions, such as migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What do adjustments feel like?

After the brief thrust, many patients report a sense of well-being. Others feel improved mobility. Inflammation or muscle spasms may delay these positive effects. Dr. Fluger does his best to make adjustments comfortable and effective for each patient.

Does an adjustment have to make a noise to be effective?

Some adjusting methods can produce a sound when the gas and fluids in the joint shift. Although the sound may be interesting, it isn't a guide to the quality or value of the adjustment. It is a common misconception that your joints must make a noise to be properly adjusted. However, more often than not when your vertebrae are adjusted, the smooth articular (joint) surfaces become separated, creating and then releasing a small vacuum, making a noise. This is the sound made when you crack your knuckles. Your chiropractor is concerned with the position of your vertebrae, not with the noise that may occur.

Does the adjustment hurt?

Under normal circumstances, chiropractic adjustments are painless. In cases of recent trauma, such as whiplash, mild discomfort may be experienced due to inflammation. It is also common to feel a brief sensation in the extremities immediately following an adjustment due to the sudden decompression of the affected nerve root. Reaction to treatment depends on the patient. It is rarely painful; sensations can vary from temporary soreness in the spinal joints or in muscles to a sense of exhilaration and relief.