The Activator Method

The Activator instrument is a low force, hand held mechanical instrument engineered precisely for chiropractic adjustments.Application of this instrument is determined by leg length analysis.It is a gentle technique and can be well tolerated by sensitive and/or older patients. The Activator is painless, effective and swift. This technique not only can be used at the spine, but is quite effective on the extremities and other joints, making it an ideal technique for the athlete or the physically active individual.

Specific tests have been developed and tested over the past 35 years for knees, shoulders, wrists and ankles, as well as the joints of the jaw. It's gentle nature makes it comfortable, even for those injured on the job, in an automobile, or at home.

Correction of spinal misalignment or subluxations by the Activator Instrument is very fast, less than 20 milliseconds (.02 sec.). The adjustment occurs before muscular reaction can be triggered as can be the case in other chiropractic techniques

The Activator Methods body of research continues to grow into all areas of Chiropractic, and includes ongoing projects in geriatrics, spinal bio-mechanics and treatment of vertebral disc herniation. Research papers are published in leading journals and may also be found on the Activator Methods website.